1- Players ball accidentally hits any player or equipment- NO penalty

2-You may repair any damage to the green- including spike marks

3- A player or his partner  may touch the green while lining up a putt.

4-You may leave the flagstick in when putting.

5- Player may remove loose impediments or ground the club in a hazard with the following exceptions:

      -A player cannot ground the club in a sand trap behind or in front of the ball

    - A player cannot touch the ground when hitting a practice shot in the sand.

6-  The  ball can be dropped from 1 inch above the ground-no longer shoulder height.

7-  You can take relief from an embedded ball anywhere except a sand trap.

8- You can take relief from an unplayable ball in a sand trap by dropping outside the trap- 2 stroke penalty.

9- If a ball is lost or out of bounds you can drop it where it was lost or went out of bounds- 2 stroke penalty.

     The drop may be one club length into the fairway as long as it is no closer to the green.


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